The Achaogen Grants Portal is designed to streamline the grant submission process. Please use this portal to submit and manage your grants. 

From this site you will be able to submit, track, update and manage your unsolicited requests for educational grants and sponsorships.  Achaogen's approval of an application is dependent upon several factors including, but not limited to, scientific merit, corporate goals, and availability of resources/funding.

Regarding independent medical educational grants, Achaogen will consider supporting programs that are independently developed and conducted by a qualified medical education provider. All programs must be objective, fair and balanced, and scientifically rigorous. Achaogen will not exercise any control over the selection of content, faculty, speakers, materials or venue for third party medical educational grants.

For technical assistance with the Grants portal, please contact SteepRock Inc. by phone: +1-718-576-1406, M–F 9am-8pm ET or email:

Should you wish to contact the Achaogen Grants Department, please e-mail